Grit Diamond Abrasive Paste Needle Tube Grinding Polishing Lapping Compound Glass Metal Micron Tool W5 - Grit 2000

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  • Model Number:diamond paste
  • Material:diamond
  • Usage:Diamond Polishing Lapping
  • Abrasive Grain Sizes:W0.5 ~40
W40#320 coarse grinding and polishing
W28#400 Ordinary polishing
W20#600 Ordinary polishing
W14#800 Ordinary polishing
W10#1000 Ordinary polishing
W7#1500 Fine polishing
W5#2000 Fine polishing
W3.5#3000 Fine polishing
W2.5#4000 Fine polishing
W1.5# 6000 mirror polishing
W1.0# 8000 mirror polishing
W0.5#10000 mirror polishing

Suitable for jade, clocks and watches, lighters, jewelry, metal, jewelry, such as high precision polishing.
In light of different roughness of the surface of the workpiece, the use of different polishing paste particle number
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